Holla at your boy!

Doug here. Coming in your face from our newly refurbished IT Department telling you to put on your seatbelts for what I'm certain can be our greatest year ever here at Roundview College. I can just picture the moment now when you all burst through those front doors for the first time; your fresh young faces dripping with possibilities as you all rush up to tell me about your summers and then we do high fives and laugh.

I've had a lovely bit of time off myself. I spent the break travelling the Big Country, retouching my roots and scouring out my many possible forefathers whilst I eagerly awaited your return. You'll notice a few new changes around the place. I also got the leak in the girls' toilet fixed. And the caretaker died. But that was nothing to do with me.

Right then ramblers, let's get rambling!


Doug Parry-Denham, Student Pastoral Care Liaison (and your friend)

Doug's portrait

Pupil advice

Drugs? Knife Crime? Sex? Doug will show you the way.

advice Drugs

You don't have to eat crack to have a cracking time!

advice Knives

NOT double hard

advice Sex

Don't know your felching from your fingering? Ask Doug.